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Thing_Hate Not Working

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So I was attempting my first script in ACS: Making a scripted marine with pistol kill an imp. I put it in exactly like this:

#include "zcommon.acs"

script 1 ENTER
	Thing_Hate(9103, 3001, 5);
I compiled it and tested the wad. To my despair, the marine ignored the imp in front of his face and dove after me when he saw me. I ask you, what went wrong? My port is zDoom and I'm using SLumpEd

edit: nevermind, got it working, I'll try to not bother you guys again

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Thing hate works :

Thing_Hate (hater tid, hatee tid, hate type)

i'd like to know why you give so an high tid to the marine and to the imp.

And an other thing : did you set the marine as "friend" ?


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