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Skulltag's Paranoia (Techincal problem or malicious users?)

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As the subject says, I'm not sure if this is a technical problem (bug, or issue of my computer) or a thread from malicious users. When I open a server, some times it crashes (this didn't happened before. It seems to have no relation to the number or players neither the map, still it's more frequent when there are these players with nick names you never saw before, or these players that you know are assholes (and nothing special happens on my computer on these annoying moments, no program running on the background, neither downloads).

I know it's certainly possible to force everyone to time out (I know how to do it myself, I tried it and it works, but I will not post it here, neither in PM, unless you are Carnevil or something). But I'm not sure if it's possible to crash the server with a "very fatal error" message using some kind of command or tool.

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The latest internal builds of Skulltag are much more stable than the current release. (4.1) Server and client stability are the primary features in the next version. My recommendation is to apply to be a tester and try it with the latest internal build and see if you still have the problem.

Also - remember to save those crash dialogs and post them on the forums.. they really help our coders a lot.

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