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It heard the human's weapons fire off. The shrieks of hellspawn invading the air as that shell-pumping evolutionary failure unloaded his gun like it were his genitallia, grunting and shouting vulgar words of pleasureable success in the process.

It would wait however, there was no need to run out and attack maddly, that would be no better than the human's phalic use of weaponry. The shooting drew closer, the death hisses of it's bretherin growing in intensity.

It couldn't help but think of why and how the human had arrived to that citadel, earth had almost fallen completely, residues of it's species living underground waiting to be poisoned like trapped ants. The war was practically over and yet this simgle man had been able to breach past the gateways of their keep. Did bravery really turn this man into a seemingly unstopable machine or was it sheer madness?. A series of loud, brutish strikes coming from the door to it's front returned it's inhuman mind to reality.

-Open up the friggin' door!- shouted the human at the impressive, several feet high hardwood door. Embeded with various skulls at it's center and inhuman bones around the edges it was a piece of art that welcomed and warned whoever wished to enter (or in this case invade) the nameless stronghold. Anyone in their right mind would've gazed in terrible awe at the workmanship of that entrance, but he was long from sane.

He slammed his fists against the menacing door time and time again to no avail -You ain' opening the nice way- the loaded up his Combat shotgun -I'm gonna open yah the hard way- he laughed, aimed and, didn't fire for the door's internal mechanism began to turn and screech, slwoly raising the wood monolith and hiding it inside the marble wall of the edifice.

-Well 'ello gov'nr!- shouted out the human soldier mockingly at the sight of the creature now revealed -Good time to kiss ass wouldn't yah say?- his tone remained stupidly egotistical as it prepared it's weapon. Yet the creature stood silent towering over the fighter, staring at the carnage left by him. The fortress' front gardens had been turned into a twisted graveyard of the damned. Imps, Demons...Cacodemons and Barons. All kind of hellspawn laid dead and gored, their blood and entrails slipping into the ground beneath, feeding the long dried trees that served as decoration.

It had now forgotten all about the human's "mad effort" and any sort of respect it had gained for him, only one thought echoing inside it's mind. It's ghost white eyes turned down to see the war-man, who in turn looked up. Their sights met, and the first shot was fired. The Human pelleted the bone-white body of the creature delivering, though not terrible, noticeable damage.

-Aye hell whore fight back!!- shouted the man while reloading the shotgun and stepping back. The slow bleeding creature awknowledged the petition. It's arms rose to the blood red skies above, channeling a dark and unseen power. A dark magik filled it's pale and esqueletal body causing it to lit up infernally.

-What the hell's this now?!- remarked the human, even though he had faced and killed many hellspawn over the course of his crusade against Hell he had never faced something like this. As the thing in front of him glowed a sickening yellow his body began to feel warm, hot...scorching. Something invisible was torching him worse than a Baron's fireball, and the heat kept rising.

It focused all of its dark energy into its hands, concentrating as to not lose even a bit of the force. Pushing out it's arms towards the dirty human, it smiled a wicked grin with it's uncovered jaws releasing the evil strenght.

-Ah sh...- exclaimed the armed soldier just as a tremendous pressure striked the entirety of his being, he felt a huge impact coming from every direction, the terrible heat becoming a single, focused blast of power. Amidst the torture, he found himself being tossed away by the sheer force of the unseen attack. He flew back towards a nearby pillar, crashing agaisnt it and causing his heavily trained body to twitch and twist, breaking as if a mere twig.

He fell back to the ground, unable to move. He turned up to see the bone white being walk towards him; it's long decrepit arms and deformed, disgusting fingers stretched out to its sides, focusing in their palm a strange blood red aura. It's elongated skull kept grinning, it's dead-white eyes glowing a hellish red.

With every step the creature took, the human grew more terrified, he saw something never before seen not even in dreadful nightmares. He saw his earlier victims, the demons he had blasted apart, coming back together. Reviving, reshaping themselves, recovering their severed limbs and standing (or floating) as if nothing had ever happened.

The man stared at the creature's empty eyes and saw in their nothingness the Ultimate Doom.

"Heroes have archvillains...if a Baron of Hell is a soldier's archvillian...this creature, capable of scorching the living and resurecting the dead, must the Arch-vile of humanity..."

Edit: Jesus this thing was horribly written...never working at 4 am again *tries to clean up the fic* Blah, just finished it again....hope it reads better =S

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