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Surely Ultimate Doom 1.9 is derived from Doom 1.9? Note that there is no "Doom II" version - the same executables are used for Doom Shareware, Doom Registered and Doom II.

The thing about the teleporters is inconclusive to me. It's possible that line got commented out in Final Doom and re-enabled before the source release. That might explain the existence of the comment. The teleporter thing is quite noticeable in certain situations and it's quite possible that Bernd Kreimeier noticed the bug and fixed it while cleaning up the source.

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I'm almost done with the next version. I have already added SDL graphics (i mooched the basics from Chocolate Doom becuase I don't know X well enough to convert that graphics stuff) and I am working on added SDL mouse support (button presses work, I'm working on mouse warping at the moment. Once thats done and I work out a few bugs (with strafing) it will be a playable doom port!

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