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Questions about finding certain demos

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I've watched a lot of demos in the last few days, but I notice that so far I have not seen any speedruns of map15 of dII using the normal exit (always secret exit). Anyone care to point me in the right direction? :P

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I'm looking for a demo which I read about on the 10 years of doom thingie:

n early 1996, there was a big push to achieve a 30-level nightmare run of DOOM2. Originally deemed impossible, this feat would quickly be considered the ultimate achievement for a DOOM player. Thomas 'Panter' Pilger, Frank "Jesus" Siebers, Peo Sjoblom, Daniel "Demonlord' Lindgren, Andreas 'Anthe' Kren, Steffan Winterfeldt, and Istvan Pataki were showing the true friendly spirit and competitive nature of the Compet-N by working together to make the feat part of history. Kren reached Map15. This is one of my favorite demos, his struggle here is epic. One must understand that the routes used at this time were much slower than today. It could be argued that the early incomplete Nightmare recordings took as much skill as the finished lightning demos of present day.

The one in bold. I cant find any NM speed demo on compet-n that ended on map 15 :/

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