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PrBoom+ Network play (LAN)

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Ok, so I was playing a LAN game of PrBoom+, I figured out how to run the server and connect to it and all that. I got two computers
up and going on it. One of them was running the server along-side the client. It connected to it via

At first, it ran perfectly. Just plain great. Fast forward 5 minutes later, the computer running both a client and the server
is lagging like hell. It was as if I had 150 ping to it or something..
but the other computer still played perfectly smoothly.

The kind of lag I am referring to is control delay, not spikes or anything. Pressing a key would only yield a result a good 3/4 a second later.

Pretty strange if you ask me.

Any thoughts on that?

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What version of PrBoom+?

I haven't used it lately for MultiPlayer, but I don't recall having that problem back when I did use it. It was over the Internet, although likewise one of the clients would connect to the localhost address.

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The issue persists on the latest version.
Note: The control delay starts after switching a level, not 5 mins. If you go to the menu and hit new game, the level will restart, and the lag will disappear.

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At the Prague LAN, Opulent and I used what was the current test version at that time (this version was from after the "New mouse code without SDL lags" was added). We played for several hours with absolutely no problems. I don't think we did anything fancy in terms of set-up.

There's a link to the current version here. I strongly recommend the "test" version, rather than earlier releases, for all purposes.

If there is still a problem, one thing you could try is seeing if it makes any difference which player joins the game first: i.e. the one on the computer that is running the server, or the one who is on the other computer. (IIRC, in Prague we found it worked best if the player running the server joined first.)

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I tried, it was the same. I found, that running the server on one machine, then using two others in order to play, provided the best setup.

However, after exiting the level, one of the computers (the first to connect) started experiencing lag again (though it was quite minor in comparison.. yet still noticeable.) It's always the first one to connect that develops the control delay.

Going to new game and restarting it fixed it at the cost of all weapons.

This issue wouldn't be too bad for dm though.

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