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the iron hitman

New Skulltag map in progress

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Hi there. I have a new map in progress for skulltag, its a deathmatch wad and i hope its at the minimum decent, as i think im a useless mapper :S

Well here's some screenies!

The Doombuilder screenshot:- http://img257.imageshack.us/img257/7024/wipth9.jpg

Nice expanse of area here:-

Inner complex:-

Cooling sector:-

I have some more, i'll upload those in due time :)

Hope you all enjoy those screenies!

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eheh....didnt think i'd get this much feedback in less than 12 or so hours! Thanks for the feedback! :) Also i do apologize for the last shot, that was a pretty old screenshot and i might re-design it :)

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Nice. If you need a tester, I'd be more than happy to try an offline skirmish with it.

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