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Doom's original screenplay (if you thought the movie was bad)

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I wasn't sure where to put this, so I am putting it here :-)

I found one of the first drafts of the Doom screenplay. Ummm be thankful this isn't the final.


The movie seems to be more about the Grimm family than anything else. There isn't any danger until page 27 minutes into the movie with a zombie. The character of MAC is not in there at all.

There are no sort of questions at all. Example: with the movie John knows Samantha, but it's never stated where he knows her until a bit further into the movie. There is nothing that kept my interest going at all.

It ends differently too, John has really far out powers. The survivors end up on a different planet than they started; one with two suns.

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Linguica said:

I must have missed that! i like the fact that Pinky saved the Grimms from the minivan and that's how he got all torn up. To think... this is a rewrite from the first draft!

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My (alternate) screen name is in the script because I helped Dave Callaham while he was writing it. He contacted me via ICQ one day (I think he got my contact number off Doomworld) and wanted to know what people would say to each other while playing a deathmatch game. "Fragglet" was used instead of "Fraggle", which is probably trademarked by Jim Henson.

His script was pretty heavily rewritten, so the scene didn't make it to the final cut. I think he was disappointed that the final story deviated so much from the actual Doom story (his was supposed to be a lot closer).

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So what was going through his mind?

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Arch-Valentine said:

Almost as bad as the Doom Comic lol

No. NOTHING is even close to being that bad.

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maybe the writer or the studio didn't want to overshadow other horror movies by having more than 2 types of demons.

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