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Doom Flashback: New Screenshots

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E3M3: By Torn and Esselfortium

E3M4: By Torn

E1m4: By Espi

These were some new screenshots for Flashback. I am also posting this, as I want to know if the episode 4 mappers is alive or anything. I'd like to hear, if they have/will give up their mapslots.
Edit: Link to the old thread

The old mapper list is this:

E4M2: Mephisto
E4M3: Th0r *finished*
E4M4: Ellmo
E4M6: Nuxius
E4M7: zap610
E4M9: *removed*Belial*removed*

Btw Th0r, could you resend the map to me again? I have lost it when my old computer got broken, at tornthedark (at) gmail.com, thanks.

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Steeveeo said:

Why is there light coming from the marble wall carving? (screen 5)

Other than that, pretty good!

The marble faces in the original e3m4 cast light.

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Please people, if you wonder about anything weird or something like that, please refer to the original map.

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Thanks for reminding me about this. :o Now I need to download Chocolate Doom so I can start working on my map again.

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Shit, it's nice to see it alive again..... :D screens are pretty damn nice

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