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Zeitgeist - The movie

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I watched that last week, I loved the first half. The second half goes into the inevitable fate of every political documentary released on the web.. instilling fears into the viewer that the government is going to turn America into the Borg.

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Well, Hitler tried and he failed cause he was over-zealous and stupid.

Sounds more like, you liked the first part because it corresponded with your mindset and you could feel comfortable watching it, while the other was very uncomfortable since it was foreboding a drastic turn of events that would basically turn the world into a giant dystopia.

I'm not saying that anyone should review this w/o any scrutiny, but it's a convincing peice of information that I personally won't scoff off that easily.
IMO, it's far from unbelievable.

It's basically what has happened time and time again in the world, just usually at a smaller scale.

I know what is happening here in Europe is that all the more power is taken from the individual states and placed at the Euro parliment. Our former state-ministor have even admitted that he's only really dedicated to making a career witin the EU. Which of course isn't proof, but it's following the same line as we've seen in this movie.

We voted no to changing our currency to the joint Euro currency a few years ago, but it's started to come about talk of voting for this again, as they're not really going to give up on it before we've voted yes.
EU is pretty much bullying out the member-countries that doesn't go along with all it's plans by not letting them participate in important meetings, and thus basically making decisions over even our governments heads.

You look around at the politics of the world that is going on today, and not one of the bigger deals being pushed are looking good for someone like me.

I'm not generally into all this conspiracy stuff, but with all that has happened it's hard to not see something brewing. Maybe not world domination, but definitely something of a similarly bad calibre.

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Let me put it in simple words so you all can understand: the government isn't evil. The government isn't stupid. The government isn't trying to peep into your homes, read your e-mails or analyze your library habits. The goverment WANTS TO GET PAID. No one in the government gives a good goddamn about you unless you get between them and their next ludicrious kickback or semi-retirement board membership.

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The first part about religion I enjoyed, but it felt like it had nothing at all to do with the rest of the movie's message. Religion is astronomy? Sure, and that is very interesting in itself, but if it would have somehow been connected to the conspiracy theories in the later parts it would have felt a lot more significant.

The conspiracy theories from later on are little anything new. Well, for me there was some new things since I've never been actively looking around for them, but I'm sure that if you are a 24/7 conspiracy theorists, you've already heard and seen most, if not all, of it. The line drawn to the bankers was, for me, perhaps the most surprising, and at the same time, unsettling one. I can imagine a government pulling strings for themselves, but international bankers? That feels a bit too far fetched.

In the end I wouldn't tell anyone to take this movie at a face value. It makes some interesting points, but there are a few too many questionable things as well, the biggest definitely being the pick on religion in general: It was the most credible part of the whole movie, but it completely lacked any message that would be connected to the rest of the movie. Certainly those of us who have some knowledge of history about the workings of the church, knights templar and more can draw some lines for themselves, but it's a sociopolitical documentary for christ sake, it's supposed to do that for the viewer and leave no loose ends.

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Ed said:
instilling fears into the viewer that the government is going to turn America into the Borg.

It's ironic how it accuses the government of generating a myth of fear, when in turn it feeds a conception of the government as a feasome devil.

kristus said:
I'm not saying that anyone should review this w/o any scrutiny, but it's a convincing peice of information that I personally won't scoff off that easily.

A lack of scrutiny helps make it more convincing. Some of the errors corrected on the webpage are quite jarring; like the huge error talking about incidents in England and showing Spanish pictures, or where it says trillions of dollars but supposedly meant billions.

I recall a similar movie that hit me with a really ludicrous error, the one about that guy who sits in his room with his alter ego friends and thinks up a conspiracy theory similar to the one in this movie. He states that the CIA killed "President Che Guevara of Chile" or something like that.

Some of the evidence presented more or less as facts in the movie, when you do some research, become quite more dubious, such as when the 16th amendment was validated (or not), to take one example. It's clear it makes too much effort to give a certain meaning to many dubious events which can't be taken for granted without a lot of research, and coupled with the ones that are evidently wrong, it starts to lose credibility in general. There's no evidence the makers of the movie made such research, because if they did, by the way the movie is presented, they threw it away after they made their findings.

Jodwin said:
The first part about religion I enjoyed, but it felt like it had nothing at all to do with the rest of the movie's message.

I think the idea is to present the making of a myth, the biggest myth ever created (religion's); and to pave the way to the impression that if such a load of authority-structuring bullshit can be believed, people will believe anything, including what is later shown as being fed by the media controlled by the banker lords. Curiously, this deconstructive device should also work on their own conspiracy theory (or myth?), especially when they don't even delve deeply into any of the assertions they make that supposedly show their point.

This movie seems to mix elements in ways I hadn't seen before in conspiracy theories. It does still have the usual right wing, pro-property, anti-governmet agenda that usual anti-globalist conspiracy theories embrace, but it adds this mystic new age stuff, especially at the end (but feeding off the introduction). It's kind of like recycling what fed religious reactionaries and segregationists giving a more pacifistic impression, with a funny twist at the end where it more or less grants you the magical power to change reality on a whim just by realizing suddenly to follow love (and the power of the sungod) instead of the fear fed to you by Rockefeller and his minions of darkness.

It's not surprising, perhaps, as nowadays conspiracy theory holders are more prone to attempt to "do battle" in the media, such as the Internet, than wave guns in rural towns as they tended to before.

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