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Goatlord's IDeal Doom Movie Plot

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Taking elements from the books, movie, games and various other ideas, I decided to create my own ideal plot for a Doom screenplay, I suppose just for the hell of it. I make no reference to hell, but the satanic imagery from the game would be kept intact in my version. Being that this was all originally created by "id" software, I think the psychological implications made by my desdcription are appropriate.

The United Aerospace Corporation oversees any and all interplanetary interaction, space travel and colonization of celestial bodies. Although several bases exist on the moon, the UAC eventually turned their focus to the colonization of Mars, which includes possible terraforming (a process involving spreading black salt on the ice caps in order to encourage melting). What the general public is unaware of, however, is the military involvement with UAC, who has been developing advcanced weaponry and armor for use on Earth, among other things. The isolation Mars provides helps keep such experimentation under wraps.

The most secretive project UAC was behind, however, was technology that would allow for instant teleportation. Relative success was acheived on Earth, but the real test was instant teleportation between two bodies floating in space. UAC's idea was to create a triangular gateway sequence between Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. The rocky, asteroid-like moons had established bases, partially for the purpose of testing living conditions on small, non-psherical masses.

Controversy arose when infiltration units killed various technicians on Mars and attempted to destroy the teleportation gateways for reasons unkown. Tension rose as a stronger military presence was needed in order to keep sabateours from causing further damage.

The nameless protagonist, who I'll refer to as "DoomGuy" for the purposes of this thread, was shipped to Mars after disobeying an order from a superior to fire upon civillians on Earth. On Mars he would see little action, although he was privy to information regarding the testing of advanced weaponry and such.

The gateway experiments were going fine for awhile; supplies, weapons, food, plants and small animals went back and forth fine. Humans test subjects, however, suffered several bizarre fates when passing through; full body implosion was the most common, although in later trials madness and gruesome deformity became an issue as well.

At this point, the lead team behind the Gateways completeley disappeared while continuing to conduct experiments, with various rumors being whispered as to what was "really going on." In truth, the the team had alterior motives (surprise). They were obssessed with demonology and the power of thought, wishing to seperate mind from matter by "confusing" the instructions of the Gateways. Through intense concentration and manipulation of the restructuring process of molecules, they were able to change the genetic make-up of human test subjects, meaning that the deformities and implosions were intentional. Additionally, they were able to manifest their own thoughts and ideas into physyical form. The process greatly disrupted reality, eventually resulting in all hell breaking loose.

The most macabre and dispicable designs of the team began to manifest themselves, pouring out of all three gateways and bringing their distorted reality with them. The creatures that emerged were described by witnesses as "demonic" and "otherworldly," with some of the stronger ones being resistant to moderate gunfire. A number of staff and military personnel were transformed into zombie-like drones upon entering the Gateways, only to return and slaughter their comrades.

Doomguy is eventually sent with a small team to try and shut down the Gateways--one of many small teams patrolling the bases for trouble. The only people who have full knowledge of the innter workings of the Gateways have seemingly disappeared, although some of the few technicians that managed to survive claim that they, too, have transformed themselves, possibly into their "ideal" demonic forms.

The demons come in various sizes and shapes, with some much more threatning than others. They tended to have an almost smoky, mirage-like appearance, particularly at a distance. As the team is picked off one by one by their adversaries, the bases begin to take on a demonic, otherworldy form as the disrupted reality becomes increasingly meaningless. The universe which Doomguy understands disappears as he travels deeper and deeper, and the moon bases begin to feel less like human structures and more like an elaborate, shifting laybyrinth.

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This was really good, it stuck to Doom, while branching out into something else. Maybe that explains Batruger's role in Doom 3.

The team that created the portal technology could manifest things? Keeping plots simple is a key to what works. It also gets away from the realm of Doom, people go into a portal, come out zombiefied. The team could have an alterior motive to purposely confuse the technology for their own bidding, but why have the team able to manifest things?

You could even have the team purposely try to bring in a monster / demon / alien purposely as a living weapon. A Baron of Hell that throws plasma would be formitable. Sort of like how "the Company" in Aliens wanted the Xenomorphs (aliens) as a living weapon.

Oh or the team could have the technology correct and point the portal away from Mars let's say and point it elsewhere. Into a black hole to pull something out. A black hole can be a gateway to Hell (or the unknown, cause I know you want to stray away from the Hell idea).

Because the DoomGuy is stationed on Mars and there are 3 portals, will he have to go through all 3 and risk turning into a zombie himself? If he does have to go to Mars, Phobos, Demios (and even Hell), that is more area covered than Live Free or Die Hard. :-)

I don't mean to rain on your parade, but early criticism will help you build a more solid story before you get in too deep that it becomes a pain to edit.

One more thing. I know it should be obvious, but what purposes was the UAC trying the portal technology? Was it to teleport Humans from Earth to Mars when the terraforming is complete?

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"The use" of working teleportation is as varied as your imagination and wouldnt need much in-game explanation. People could have a TV-sized teleport booth that can be "rung" like a fax and objects sent through it, allowing for instant Ebay deliveries, instant takeaways etc. Larger ones could teleport whole shipping containers, saving the need for trucks and trains. Phonebox sized ones could send people around the city and world simply with a number being dialled (and elaborate warning systems to avoid telefragging)

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Geo, suggesting your own ideas for a story doesn't count as criticism, and I don't get what you mean by "keeping plots simple" regarding Goatlord's proposal.

Goatlord, it's cool how you gots lots o' details explaining why they did this or that, and I like your take on why military presence was needed. I'm sure the forum dwellers would like to see samples of the screenplay itself, but I'm curious: are you giving us the details that serve as the backstory, or would the screenplay chronicle the events described?

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I agree with impie about everything.

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