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Heretic in Hexen Format DB Config

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It's not really a secret that the next version of Skulltag will feature proper Heretic support. (Currently, in version 97Db4.1 it's very buggy and crashes a lot etc online.) It's working great (just ask our testers) in our Internal builds.

Anyways, while attempting to test the various game modes etc (capture the flag, skulltag, last man standing, invasion, etc.... yes - they're all working in Heretic now... it's very cool!) we had to create some test maps - and I realized to my horror that there wasn't even a config file to make Heretic maps in Hexen format!

Maybe there's a Heretic in Hexen format config out there somewhere but I've no idea where it could be. All this time has passed and people haven't even made any Heretic maps with slopes in them?! /me faints

So... here you go guys! Some things are for Skulltag only, but if you avoid them (it's fairly obvious which ones are for ST only.) then you can easily make a Heretic map that works in Zdoom/GZDoom/etc. This config file will probably be updated again later on but it'll mostly just be Skulltag stuff being added or removed.


Just throw this file in your Doom Builder directory, select Skulltag 0.97 Heretic when you create a new map, select the heretic.wad as your iwad for it, and then profit! :)

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Last time I checked there was a ZDoom_HereticHexen.cfg available in DB, although it's not quite up to date (it's based on ZDoom 2.0.63's features.)

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