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Fake 3D Bridge over moving water in PrBOOM?

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First and foremost, I have to have this work with PrBOOM and no other port. That said, if this is not possible, then I'll merely do somthing else.

What I am trying to do is keep all the water in this level able to push the character down the stream. Yet at the posistion I have the character facing at start time, I'd like to put a fake 3D bridge across the water, one that can be travelled beneath as well as above, but when the character travels beneath, the water stream must carry him and the flat must still scroll if possible. On the other hand if the character passes above the bridge, he should not be effected by the water stream below.

Think it can be done? I've yet to successfully make a fake 3D bridge of any kind, so if this is possible, if someone would not mind adding it into the map and re-uploading it, then I'll at least have it done and can study the technique for next time.

THankx in adavance.

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Using the appropriate floor-changing linedefs, 3D bridges can be moved up and down, so it should be doable with the standard trick.

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Are you talking about the PrBOOM specific ones? If so I've tried like hell to follow the tutorials on that, and I always end up with something far from what ever they are talking about, and I even thought I had been following the tutorials correctly, but alas, all was not well with my attempts.

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I think this will be possible.

Assuming the 3D bridge is the complex type with one dummy sector for the physics (allowing you to walk on the bridge when up, under it when down) and the "planks" of the bridge are drawn on self-reference linedefs that use the river sector.

I think all you need to do is ensure that when the dummy sector goes down, it finishes lower than the river sector. Hence your player thing will always be standing on and touching the river sector, and thus be pushed by it. So you don't need to use any sector-changing stuff.

That also assumes BOOM's physics. Be sure to test with PrBoom first, and other ports second.

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GzStarWars said:

Can you point me to the tutorial that refers to the type of 3D bridge you are talking about?

Not a tutorial, no, but the 3D bridge near the start of MAP02 of ETERNAL III is pretty close to what I'm talking about.

The "physics" part are rectangles of linedefs (call them A) that you put inside the other rectanges which contain the planks textures (call them B).

The trick is making the sectors on both side of the "A" linedefs be the same sector, and also be a sector different from everything else nearby. This requires creating a small dummy sector off the map somewhere, and then manually changing the "sector references" on the "A" linedefs (which I don't know how you do that in DoomBuilder, I only know the DEU based editors).

When the "A" linedefs have the same sector on both sides, the DOOM renderer does not draw their flats, but the physics code still uses them, and that is why people can use them to make invisible floors and deep water effects. For invisible floors (and 3D bridges), the dummy sector is higher than the nearby sector, and for deep water the dummy sector is lower.

Hope that helps

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When you mention the "A" linedefs have the same sector on both sides. I instantly imagine a single sector with lines drawn on the sides of this sector, so that LineDef "A" will have the same sector on both sides. Confused already.

I did look at the map though and am trying to figure out what he did there.

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