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New level for E1M1

How is it?  

8 members have voted

  1. 1. How is it?

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I've never played your previous work but allow me to offer some of my personal opinions, observations, etc.

First thing I immediately noticed even after opening the first door. I had the skill on ultra violent and the entire map was a cakewalk. Balance the skill levels out because there's way too much ammo and health scattered throughout the map for a harder skill.

Since I assume you're a newer mapper I will say that visually you're shaping up to be something worth watching. However, you need to work on transitions between rooms and even selecting certain textures that match well. Going from a light brown wall with real transition into dark green slabs in a light room stands out as being a little bit ugly.

The area I had the biggest issue with was the blue key path. I'm not a big fan on requiring radiation suits to get where you need to go just in case you can't accomplish it in time. Of course, this map was fairly easy and I didn't even have to use the second suit. Most people won't have an issue at this current skill.

The blue key area is just flat out ugly. It's the most hideous part of the map. It's brightly lit with no real variation on lighting and the texture theme randomly changes from a tech base into random green marble demon textures. Kind of dumb.

Other than that, it was an alright play and if it were part of a larger wad an alright introductory map with some tweaking. I would suggest to make the maps sprawl a little bit more in the future. I can see that you were trying to have a "non-linear" approach to gameplay by allowing the player to choose which path to take first, but it's better to perhaps mask it better in the future by stemming the areas off of a larger area rather than make the map a straight line.

A decent effort though!

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I want to have more rockets for the rocket launcher :-P! Other than that your level is ok I think... but which port do you use? I used ZDoom and found an unknown sprite in sector 21. (I played on "Hurt Me Plenty")

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I was expecting worse after I saw the first vote of 'this sucks'.

Now the map is not finished, and skill levels have not been implemented yet. I will try to do something about that blue key area, and make areas transition more smothely.

And about the rocket/baron thing, I didnt want you to be using them throughout the entire map, and I also decided right before I uploaded it to chuck in two extra barons without testing it.

The unknown sprite could only be the doom builder 3d thingy, but zdoom doesnt get upset over it anymore(?)

Time to get to work.

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Taking that into consideration, here is an improved version. Difficulty levels are now supported, and the blue key area has been worked on to change some textures and the lighting. The marble area was supposed to look like e2, but I guess it didnt.

Still is not complete, I have a bad feeling that I forgot to change the sector type of the new rooms within the blue key area...


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I really like it. I just played through it on UV, and managed to kill everything and still had quite a few bullets left. It'll be nice having something in the secret room though, hehe, maybe a few boxes of rockets?

Is the chaingun supposed to be in the newer version? Cause it's not.

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I accidentally took it out, as well as the stuff in the secret room. Its been uploaded to the archives, with the chaingun fixed.

EDIT: It appears i misused some multiplayer flags. I check 'easy' 'medium' 'hard' and 'multiplayer' but it only shows up in multiplayer. The archive version doesnt have enough ammo for you to complete it on UV, so play it on HMP and utilize in-fighting.

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