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Hi guys,

It wondered if some version of high-resolution pack doom exists. Where could I take it? I have played with 3d models in jdoom but the textures are the old ones.


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Risen 3D supports hi-res flats and textures, and there are a lot of packs for download. I'm too lazy to dig up links though...

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Eric Vaughn said:

On that note, is it possible to use high res skies in zDoom?

I don't think so, but I could be wrong.

GZDoom and Skulltag can run them though. Both of the ports are based off of the newest ZDoom and use OpenGL.

With the OpenGL mode you can run high-res textures (walls), flats (floor/ceiling), and md2, md3, and dmd models.

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You can try porting risen3d's openGL textures to gzdoom, but that requires re-naming a lot of textures. Im too lazy too explain it all, but I'm pretty sure gzdoom can use hi-res textures :P (i could be wrong but to my knowledge that's the only port that can achieve that)

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You don't have to rename the textures at all. It is just that the directory structure for hires textures is slightly different between Risen3D and GZDoom

Risen3D - \Risen3D\Data\Textures

GZDoom - \GZDoom\textures\doom

Probably easiest to extract the packs to a temporary folder and then copy all the png's, including the folders doom1, Doom2-plut and Doom2-tnt into \GZDoom\textures\doom

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