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Project Idea #3 (AND LAST IDEA! :P) Deathmatch

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well anyways here are some screenshots so far...redid map01 so there's no more 3d floors (almost a totally different level now), no more compblu arena (didnt like it that much anyways) and map07 is still in progress; its a sorta remake of D3DM1


map02: its a bit dark on gzdoom but anyways...

map03: yes, its based of e2m2

map04: this is yomoneyboat's map




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yomoneyboat said:

Not true. Many megawads come from one central idea, although I'm too lazy to dig up an example right now.

alien vendetta?

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Lorenzo said:

I think that Agent Orange has this problem : from one single idea he wants to build one whole megawad (32 levels!).

It should works this way:

1 idea = 1 level
32 levels = 1 megawad

and not

1 idea = 1 megawad


each level has its own theme/idea so dont worry about that. its just a bunch of deathmatch levels with different tactics, like only the rocket launcher; big open arenas; congested, tight hallways and rooms; maybe a maze or two(but i've heard those aren't so fun for deathmatch...maybe as 4+ people they would be?); plus various setting themes

plus criticism on the views? please? (except for map07 pic, thats just a small portion of the level)...

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Map05 looks the best. It looks like you are doing alright. Just remember that having an interesting layout is the most important job of the map designer. There are several ways to accomplish this, such as having good connectivity (i.e. everything flows together nicely), height variation, items and enemies are easy to find, good rooms that are designed specifically for fighting in, etc. Anyway, keep working on it, I think you are doing fine for your first project.

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