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Got your iPhone bill yet?

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Yahoo! tech blog said:

Apple has modified its products as it attempts to build greener computers, but I think they forgot to tell AT&T about their latest environmental efforts. This weekend a few AT&T subscribers received their first iPhone bill inside inch-thick packages.


and heres a video of a mighty tasty lookin blonde showing her bill, which came IN A BOX!


heh... should have gone with online billing.

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What's the point of putting something you get for free on the bill anyway? "you moved a picture to a different folder - $0.00"

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I just found out this dude at my job got an iPhone. he said he's getting his first bill in about a week or two. he said he'd bring it in so I could take pics of it if it's huge. he told me it should be if they detail it ike that becauce of his usage, ie: downlaoding ~230 songs the first day he got it. heh.

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Was it here or somewhere else that i read about a guy who's friend bought an iphone, and he bet him $20 it wouldnt last a month. The very next day the guy walks in, screams "MOTHER FUCKER!", slams $20 on the counter and walks out again

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