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You need all # keys to open this door.

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I was working in WhackED today and in the strings section I found a coule lines that interested me.

One said:

You need all 3 keys to open this door.

and the other was 6 keys.

Is this an option in DOOM? If so how do I make a door that requires 3 to 6 keys?

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Not Doom specifically; those are Boom additions, along with the one that says you can use any key to open the door.

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Boom docs:

generalized locked doors (1024 types)

field   description                       NBits    Mask     Shift

trigger W1/WR/S1/SR/G1/GR/D1/DR            3      0x0007      0
speed   slow/normal/fast/turbo             2      0x0018      3
kind    odc/o                              1      0x0020      5
lock    any/rc/bc/yc/rs/bs/ys/all          3      0x01c0      6
sk=ck   n/y                                1      0x0200      9

DETH Nomenclature:

W1[m] OpnD{1|4|9|30}Cls S Any
WR[m] Opn               N R{C|S|K}
S1[m]                   F B{C|S|K}
SR[m]                   T Y{C|S|K}
G1[m]                     All{3|6}


1) Delay for odc kind is constant at 150 gametics or about 4.333 secs
2) The lock field allows any key to open a door, or a specific key to
   open a door, or all keys to open a door.
3) If the sk=ck field is 0 (n) skull and cards are different keys,
   otherwise they are treated identically. Hence an "all" type door
   requires 3 keys if sk=ck is 1, and 6 keys if sk=ck is 0.
4) Speed is 2/4/8/16 units per tic
PD_ANY             You need a key but any of them will do (*)
                     "Any key will open this door"
PD_ALL3            You need red, blue and yellow keys (*)
                     "You need all three keys to open this door"
PD_ALL6            You need both skulls and cards in all 3 colors (*)
                     "You need all six keys to open this door"

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Actually I think he might be asking how to make a SINGLE door that requires MULTIPLE keys. If this question has been answered with the above code, sorry, but not being an IT guy that code doesn't mean anything to me.

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...it doesn't tell me how to make a door, you are right there! I'm not sure what all that's about either unless it's Dehacked info or something. :)

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Assuming you are in fact mapping for Boom (which you didn't state anywhere).
In the "Select Action" window, click on the tab "Generalized Linedefs", there you are.
Make sure you select Boom when starting or loading your map, otherwise this tab won't appear.

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