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I was just reading thru the interviews on this site for the 5 year anniversary of Doom. I saw in the Joel Huenik interview a TC called, All Hell's Breaking Loose. I couldn't find it on the archives here and was wondering where I can find/get it?

Anyone know? Thanks.

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Cool. Thank you. I must've scrolled to fast thru the list and the search for the title came up empty.

Thanks again

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I heard a more coherent Zdoom version was in the works, like i think the super cyberdemon didnt actually fire twin rockets but reskinned manc fireballs from it's knees (i stole the graphics for 666hell.wad where it does fire twin rockets). Also the authors seemed to get bored towards the end and just threw endless monsters at it, a tidying of the last levels and re-coding of the monsters using DECORATE, DDF or even just good Dehacked skills would elevate it from "interesting" to "brilliant"

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Arch-Valentine said:

An epic wad! You'll know what I mean when you play through it and see it...Why the hell did nobody else think of that...

It was good for its time.

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