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32in24: DUEL CORE

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Map Name: Tusken
New Music: Yes
Build Time: 45 minutes.
Descrip: My fastest map ever. It's sorta inspired by Judas23. Anyways, gameplay should be alright, though I wish I had a little more time to work on texturing and item placements.

I really wish I could have made two or three maps...f'ing SMII took all my time today D:

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Now give me ten hours to compile this shit

Also if you need to fix your map (because you're a moron) you have thirty minutes

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Nebula-Kristian said:

My map which is named "DEVA STATION" is ready and it can be downloaded here:


I tested it with Skulltag and it felt fun, but it's just me. Comments are appreciated. Enjoy! :)

ClonedPickle said:

I made a map. Whee.

"Lower Wait Raise"

UNABLE TO DOWNLOAD THESE (because yousendit sucks balls)

EDIT: Got the first one, thanks essel!

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39 maps, I think this is the most submissions yet.

Well, 38 maps actually, considering doom2day's map is completely corrupted (fix!).

Also, virginator's map gave me a good laugh, with all the voodoo dolls around. :p

To deathor: I'll upload Nebula-Kristian's and ClonedPickle's maps in a minute.

Here they are:


(I think this is his, at least; no text file).

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To deathz0r: Please give my map the music from Map28 (or make it Map28, makes no difference). Thanks.

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Just got finished playing it after 20 mins. Those were pretty nice for 24 hour levels! Really fun but no monsters :( nonetheless for a full 32 level megawad 5/5 :D

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:( no HEDGE?...that sucks why was mine not added?

People tend not to like mazes. They like to be able to navigate and know where they are going. Your map looked nice, but didn't have a big fun factor. Next time make a map with the same cool theme but without the maze part.

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ok...yeah i get what u mean cause since i built the maze i knew where i was going and everything so i didn't think about that...should've just used one of my maps from my dm set X(

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I took 5 minutes to glance at these this morning before school, and I was amazed at how many high quality looking maps we had. I'll definitely be playing these soon. :)

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Wow, I liked quite a few of these maps, will be playing them some time hopefully (and thats high praise, because I am a bit of a dm 'athiest' if you will)! Great job all around, and thanks zap610 for pointing this out to me :P

Footnote('s)[problems with my own map]::
:: 1 bug in my map is a spot that should be damaging behind a warp, as it can be used for camping.
:: The lava by the super shotgun should do more damage
:: I have too much health in the map
:: Teleporters are not well marked, and some walls are still not set to impassible.
:: Finnaly, something that some people might find objectionable is that I used the boss sprite to exit my map, and I don't think that appears when there are no monsters. If it does, then when you try to exit the map you wont die, because your killing a monster, not hitting a switch.

Just thought I might point out those little things I noticed, I guess its a bit late though, sorry! Was hasty to upload the map.

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Here's a new version because I hate you people who don't check their maps properly and kept 3D mode starts in (BAD BAD BAD), there's also a mapinfo thanks to essel


Also I uploaded like three different updates to /incoming so sorry Ty

EDIT: and it turns out that I can't even rely on other people to do simple lumps properly, why do I even bother

EDIT 2: refresh that URL above

again Ty, so sorry but seriously the next 32in24 I compile, I will automatically reject any map with no exit, no player 1 start, a 3D mode start and any other errors like missing textures and HOMs, these are not fucking Skulltag maps

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Mike.Reiner said:

Cool stuff.

Edit: Well something looks fucked up.

Shouldn't the exit on map15 take you to map 31?...

Only if it is the secret exit and not the normal exit. The map that ended up at 15 was unlikely even made for that map 15 spot nor a secret exit added to the map.

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