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Critique My Map Please

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OK ppls, I may take a beating behind this but I've just finished designing my first map. It's very simple in design, not very big. 150V, 183L, 223Sid, 28Sec, 66T(mostly decorations). It has a secret, a remote door, a manual keyed door and basic exit switch, built for ZDoom Doom 2.

It's by no means a beauty of a map, the point of it was to get the hang of using the editor (I'm using DoomBuilder) and the main thing I want to hear from anyone willing is how I did at texturing. The finer details especially where height changes are involved are my main concern. I tried to get all the textures aligned using the editor's tools and I think I have everything right.

This map took me about 6 hours to do, I'm sure alot of you could do it in 1. It was learn as I go. I put in some basic stuff mentioned above. Look over it, scrutinize it, let me know if you find any errors in textures. Please don't respond telling me how dull the map is, I'm aware of that. It doesn't stand well alone, short unbalanced and bland, but I think I can build a larger level around it and use it for the end leading to a base type structure. I don't have a site to post it to, so unless there's somewhere I can upload it here, I could simply email it to you, it's small (16KB).

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