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{FINISHED!} My 22 FFA maps - shinFFA.wad

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I gladly present my first doom mapping proyect... Is on final stages... Nearly finished... but before i'm finished with this maps... i need a little feedback...

Download from this site
Designed for ZDaemon.

Here, some screenshots.

visit my site for lots of screenshots and brief descriptions for each map.


Yes, there is ONE bug. In MAP12, if you set up a server, sometimes the server crashes when changing maps. Sadly, i have no solution by now for this problem. But the other 21 maps are very good, IMHO.

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the iron hitman said:

Looks nice! Downloading now!

EDIT: Those maps are awesome! But there's one thing I wanna ask.....can I use the soundtrack from Map10 in a little wad of mine?

Ok, no problem... Just extract the midi...

You may want to know that i got the midi from a web site specialized in game midi music, but the file had timing problems when played in zdaemon, and besides that XWE couldnt convert it to MUS...

So,i have to edit it and "fix" it with some midi software. As a result, in the last part of the song, some drum sounds got lost.


Look here for "UNREAL TOURNAMENT, RUN". This is the original midi file. Sounds good when playing with Winamp, for example. The timing just screws up in ZDaemon. I dont know if is screwed in Skulltag, but as ZDaemon was my target port, i had to fix it.

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