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kdizd don't like me

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Oh boy, am I in for it! - I am quite possibly a dork, a bork and a retarded Zork. But, try as I may, i can't get KDIZD to run (hangs head out of window in shame in hope that passing truck will swipe it off before you all gang up to laugh at me...)

I've downloaded the latest version of ZDoom (2.17.366) and replaced the previous with this one. My startup .bat reads quite simply "zdoom.exe -IWAD doom.wad -file kdizd.pk3 -warp 3 -skill 4". Yes, the doom.wad is there. Yes, the kdizd.pk3 is there. Yes, the zdoom.ini file has new lines reading stuff like the following:



Slot[1]=Fist Chainsaw
Slot[3]=NewShotgun NewSuperShotgun

so I assume that zdoom is trying to start using kdizd, but i don't recognize ANY changes in graphics when zdoom starts. and that can't be right; right?

So what am I doing wrong???

El Putz-Duderino

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Your doing -warp 3, which is loading E1M3 as usual.


Instead, the levels are called Z1M1-Z1M10.

So you can't warp to them using a command line, you have to use "ChangeMap" in the console while the game is running.

EDIT: Incase this isen't clear, the usual levels are E#M#, and typing 'idclev 13' is going to load E1M3. KDiZD's levels are Z#M#.

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OK - sussed it! Not such a dorp after all, I bet my brain is at least peanut-sized by now. And that's SAYING something! Wooohhh!!!


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