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[False] Warning: ZDaemon [antivirus error]

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HI, I'm new here but I have to inform you all of a very serious danger. When I installed ZDaemon, my anti-virus program imidiatly detected a Virus on one of the ZDaemon files. It was a Trojan. I imidiatly removed the virus and the program. I know many of you use it to play Doom Multyplayer so I thought it may be a good idea to inform you of this danger.

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That's been discussed repeatedly (unless it's something new). It should be a "false positive", and not a true danger.

Although, if one thinks about it, the ZDaemon team could well put a notice on their main page stating that certain AVs may invoke certain messages about some apps... to help users not get concerned.

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The main reasons that some AV heuristics pick it up is because of the way the updater watches for updates and automatically downloads them. I think it actually reports back to the server, runs scripts etc. so some AV programs don't like that either.

Because it does some of the same things a virus does, yet is NOT a virus.

From Here: Quote
"BTW, a "Generic Trojan" isnt always a Trojan, it just "looks" like a trojan.

That is the updater I wrote for ZSL, it downloads information (to check for new updates), it deletes the old files, downloads the new ones, runs a script, starts and stops processes ect... all of which look very suspicious to AVG which I found out the hard way (it deleted all my beta zips on my webserver).

It's a False Positive. please do a search next time.

One of these days I'm gonna have to try and tinker around with the updater to see if I can get it to not look so suspicious to AVG, only problem is there is no information on the web on AVG's criteria for being flagged as a possible trojan."

So, it does act like a Trojan, yet is not.

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