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A DEH patch for extreme weapons

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First and foremost, I didn't research this to see if a patch like this exists!

You know, I've made and re-made this DEH file about 15 times. I make it, I get bored and delete it. So now at least i know where to find it again >.<

I always do things to the most extreme possible. I've edited UT bots to be as perfect as possible (never missing, 100% reaction times, etc), I've tried to do anything and everything to be the most extreme something in whatever current game I am playing. This patch is for extreme weapons.

All this does is create stupidly fast firing weapons and crank the ammo limit of every weapon up to 20,000. Just how fast? Every weapon fires a shot every frame with no reload times. Why would I do this? Why not is my answer. Because its fun to kill things even faster. Why did I created this patch for the 15th time? (and hopefully last time) Because I was playing Alien Vendetta and wanted to kill things faster.

I plan on going though Hell Revealed (1 and 2) on Ultra-Violence with co-op monsters included without a death. I'm sure it can be done with this.

Flame me if you wish, I just thought I would share this with anyone that might want it. If you do decide to naysay me, please try it first (unless the naysay will be about how it already exists).

EDIT: Forgot to post the link >.<


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Aw, sad. Their version is even better than mine, at least, in a way.

I do like the fact that the changed the BFG ball sprite to the arachnatrons plasma (so you can see what the hell you're doing when shooting it), but mine still includes the firing frame so you can see flames from the barrels of the guns, where theirs don't.

Well, if people want a direct copy of this, I guess I'll leave it here, unless the general consensus is to remove my post. >.<

Sorry for the post of something that already exists!

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Thanks, you're just 12 years too late :-)

Honestly, I did something like that in 1996 while fooling around with DEH, and I believe most of the oldies have done so at a point. As you may have realized, it's one of those things that can only give you a short, cheap laugh and then you never really bother with again.

Still, a smile crosses my face when I think of my "BFG9000000" patch: a BFG so powerful that hitting a cyberdemon makes the corpse disappear! (Well not exactly, it just ends up behind the most remote cliff of the level)...

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Well, I'll go into a bit more detail then: I was fooling around with weapon speeds/power when I first discovered DEH, and I initially found and tried the infamous SUPRWEP8.DEH patch, but I didn't like how it removed frames from weapons.

I wanted them to shoot faster AND keep all frames, so I manually set the delay for each weapon frame to the shortest possible, and tried my masterpiece on some random WAD (probably a DM map).

I don't remember which one it was, however it was weird: the outer border was mountain-like, with ledges and hills, and you fought vs a single cyberdemon in the middle of the map. I tried that several times: e.g. the cyberdemon died in 3 seconds in perma-pain with an uncapped SSG, while doomguy reloaded it frantically :-)

Seeing how the BFG wasn't very fun when just shooting faster, I increased the power to 9000000 (because at school we had a "BFG9000000" joke with a friend) and tried it on the poor cyberdemon....and the corpse disappeared!

I was like "wtf?" and idclipped to search it trough the map...and somehow it had ended several hundred units higher and several thousand units BEHIND me, hidden on some distant ledge :-D

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Well dehacked itself was released with a fast weapon patch. Personally I don't find this extreme unless you use it for deathmatch (in which case it eventually turns into a spam fest). If you want something extreme you should change monsters too, or at least play in nightmare mode.
BTW there's also an "Extreme DOOM 2" mod out there that you may like to try.

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