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Things to think about in a KDITD recreation

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Hi there,

You might have read about my Phobos++ project I'm working on. If not, you can check it out here -> http://doom.sigvatr.com

The problem I've been having lately is that I can't decide what to include in this project and what not to. The primary agenda behind Phobos++ is to create a much longer version of KDITD, since I've always felt that the episodes in the original Doom were way too short. To solve this problem, Phobos++ will have roughly a day's worth of gameplay for your average Doomer who hasn't played this particular wad before. I'm planning on including 40 levels.

Since the wad will be much longer and more expansive than KDITD and also will be making use of the Doom 2 iwad, the question arises as to what to include in the wad and what not to. Things such as:

* Enemies from E2 and E3
* Doom 2 enemies
* Super shotgun
* Plasma gun
* BFG 9000

If I am trying to recreate an authentic KDITD experience, I might want to ditch all of those. The problem is that I don't know if 40 levels of KDITD style gameplay would be sustainable for very long.

Some games, such as Halo, get by with only 5 or 6 enemy types, but are entertaining the whole way through. If I'm patient and considerate, I might be able to create levels that keep the player engaged without making use of all the non-KDITD goodies, but I am still dubious.

What do you guys think?

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It can be done with just the basic set of enemies and goodies.
40 Levels based on Knee Deep seems VERY ambitious, to be honest, but I'd like to see where you are gonna go with this.
Maybe only include the SSG, because of its super super usefulness.

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You want to make it longer but since you don't know what to put in a longer wad, you'll be slapping E2, E3, and DOOM II stuff on it?

40 levels of the same theme is definitely a bad idea.

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40 levels sounds way too long and potentially repetitive. I'd go with 9 or 10 levels, but make them a lot bigger than the original E1 levels were. And I don't see much of a problem with the use of skull keys to increase the possible combinations of locked doors.

It's hard to make the E1 monsters challenging without introducing hordes of them, but I'm thinking chaingunners and maybe a handful of Hell knights (in the later episodes) would still fit in with the techbase-being-overrun-by-hellspawn-but-still-on-this-side-of-the-rift theme. Same with the super shotgun, which would be extra handy against the tougher monsters...

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40 is waaaaay to many. i would suggest 10, but 20 at the very most. there's only so much E1 theme one can have in one day.

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