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The Ol' switch-a-roo

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A man in Germany who was embarrassed about his penis size is facing charges, after asking his girlfriend to have sex in the dark – and getting his brother to stand in.

Manfred Schuh, 26, feared he would lose his 24-year-old girlfriend if he did not 'perform well', so he insisted on keeping the lights off during sex and going to the toilet beforehand.

His brother Walter, 28, would then enter the room and have sex with the woman. She found out after two months – when she turned the light on.

A police spokesman said: 'She apparently had no idea. Both men look similar as they are brothers, and the older brother made a point of not speaking when he was impersonating his younger sibling."


HA! Dumb broad.

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If it was in the dark, he should have just hollowed out a dildo, stuck it in the microwave for 30 seconds, and screwed it on. Dumbass.

Zaldron said:

This is so stupid in so many levels I need to sit down.

Do you work at Best Buy or is it just normal for you to go online standing up?

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Why bother having a girlfriend in the first place if you're not going to sleep with her yourself?

What a tool.

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Sounds like an urban legend to me. I couldn't find any credible source* (though I'd appreciate it if someone could find any) on this story, and the only German source I found got their info from the same "article" as the OP.

* = I should note that I do not consider metro.co.uk, whose lineup of quality articles today includes such gems as "Dwarf glued penis to Hoover" and "Barbie porn battle", to be a credible source.

EDIT: Hahah. Now it's been picked up by Swiss "Blick" (who in their article -- surprise surprise -- refer to metro.co.uk, but have in addition placed the story in Berlin, for some reason (there was no mention of any location other than "Germany" in metro's story) and it's even found its way via Blick to trash papers here. Sigh.

EDIT # 2: Found some other useless sources (including British "The Sun" which also places the story in Berlin). Searching the German phonebook, there is no Manfred Schuh listed (nor any Walter Schuh) in Berlin.

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Reminds me of this infamous story I heard. 9 guys on a junior hockey team were at a party. One of the guys on the team had picked up this chick and she was in the bathroom with the lights off. They each took a turn entering the bathroom and screwing her. The last guy gets into the bathroom and starts screwing her only to realize it's his sister.

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I've also heard about 5 different variations of POTGIESSER's story ranging from rugby teams to stag parties to soldiers and the girl has been variously a wife, sister and even daughter. Like the girl in the story, it's safe to say the story itself been doing the rounds for some time.

Back to the original tale... I used to know a guy who was quite short both in stature and, reputedly, in other departments. His brother was, however, a little over 6'5" and apparently hung like a horse. We used to joke that the two of them had come to an arrangement almost identical to the one in the story to ensure that the shorter guy's girlfriend remained content with her relationship. However, I have no evidence at all to suggest it ever actually happened.

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