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Tons of questions

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I'm new here, just downloaded XWE yesterday, and I'm a total noob to WAD editing.
I've read the Unnoficial WAD Desingner's Handbook and Unofficial DOOM Specs, so I know a little. I'm using a Windows XP to post this, but I have DOOM and XWE on a Win. 98SE, if you need that info. XWE itsself seems to work fine, I just don't know how to use it. I have NO experience making levels.
I want to know how to...

-Run ZenNode which is listed under XWE features

-Create doors, lifts, crushing ceilings, etc.

-check to see if textures are aligned without running the map (if possible)

-Use the sky flats for backgrounds

-Why when I select a linedef and make it impassible, secret, any of the little check boxes, if I do something else and come back to it, all the boxes are empty

-Why when I put a Thing in my map and then click to make a new thing, the new thing is the same as the old thing when I click on it later

Help me if you can, I know I'm pathetic... :(

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EDIT: I'm a little confused as to whether you are using XWE or DoomBuilder to make your levels.

XWE DOES have a map editor. However, XWE is best used for adding bits of information to your wad, such as new textures, new enemy sprites, new intermission screen, among many other things.

When I first started mapping, I used DoomBuilder, which is a very good starting choice for the beginning mapper. It comes with a guide that will walk you through the steps of making a map (you can download this document seperately on his website). The guide will show you how to make a map, and its best for you to follow the guide's instructions and make the map yourself in DoomBuilder so you get the experience.

The answers to your questions (assuming you are using DoomBuilder as an editor):

1: I believe ZenNode executes (by default) and builds your map's nodes after every time you save in DoomBuilder.

2: Reading the DoomBuilder guide is the best bet for learning how to do this. In order for these things to happen, you'll need to learn how the player can interact with different types of lines. If a player presses a line (switch or door) or walks over a line, then you can trigger a certain action to occur.

3: This will also be covered in the guide. :P

4: Go into lines mode and right click on any line. There will be some checkboxes for the properties that a line can have choose the ones you want and then click "OK".

5: Go into things mode and right click anywhere. A thing will appear. Right click on the thing and then you can choose what kind of object, monster, or decoration, etc. that you want it to be.

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thx a lot, I'll download DOOM Builder. Another quick question though, for DOOM Builder, would I have to download ver. 1.9? Because I have ver. 1.666. thx

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I think that would be best. 1.9 fixes some bugs and is more stable than some versions that came before it. It's up to you if you want to upgrade, but I would recommend it.

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