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Doom BuilderX Issues

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im using the latest DBX, and iv found that it has issues with textures that have transparent background (the cyan color)

either they show up totally warped, or they show with there background
which looks white

either way, its become hard working with these types of textures
hopefully this can be fixed soon

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that makes no sense since it wouldnt work at all without me selecting that :)

plus the custom textures im using also do this

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well, is there a place where i can download older versions so i can rollback to a point where this does work

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I use the latest DBX and I have no problems with transparency\cyan.

While on the subject of DBX , there are 2 features, if implemented, would make my day ...

1) The ability for the editor to find missing sector/line tags and ...

2) The ability to display a 1x1 pixel grid.

Any chance of either\both of these being implemented ?

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Whoa ! A late response ! ;)

Anyway I mean this. As you know, for example all linedef actions ( with the exception of actions DR and D1 ) require a tag number for the line and the associated sector(s). A check could be made to see if the\a tag number is missing. I believe WadAuthor does this and I know DeepSea does. With Deepsea go to Check\Check Level and look at options 7 and 8.

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