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Change Radsuit behavoir with dehacked

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Hi! Another question again..

Does anyone knows how to change the duration of the Radsuit with DEHACKED???

I can't find any info about it....

in DEHACKED (the dos app), the only property that seems plausible is REACTION TIME, but a Stimpack has the same reaction time..so, that does not makes much sense....

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Grazza said:

I don't think so. AFAIK this is hard-coded into the engine.

Sadly it is, and it's one aspect many map designers overlook, unfortunately. Giving just 1 radsuit on a map that has a default duration of 1 minute and expect the player to fight for minutes in a sewer....meh.

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Well, guys, anything that DeHackEd is needed for is hardcoded into the engine :p

But indeed, among other things, this is something DeHackEd doesn't support.

Shinobi.cl, according to another thread you started, you're mapping for Skulltag. In that case just use DECORATE. I'm not sure if ZDaemon will support it, though.

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