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mind boggling

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i was playin gothic dm...to look at the structures and things...it blows my mind man. i know how to allign textures but i have no clue how to do it for flats...how do u do this.. like say u have a pillar coming down from the cieling and its height (ceiling height) is 70...i put the tlite6_1 flat for the ceiling ...and the light part for the flat is like jammed in the corner and its cut off...how do i make it so that it is in the middle?

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That's what the 64x64 floor grid is foor.

Basically, if you have it turned on, this is a guide as to how the textures (FLATS) on the floors/ceilings will be aligned.

If you align a 64x64 square so it matches the corresponding grid square, your texture will appear correctly.

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