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Testing in Different Skill Levels

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Is it possible to test DOOM2 maps on different skill levels?
If not, is there a way to run PWADs without going through DB?

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Heh, I wonder how you can even play without knowing these things...

You would benefit greatly from reading the DOOM FAQ and any documentation for the engine you're using (if it's not the standard one).

The game's menu lets you choose the difficulty setting when you start a new game. If your level is not the first in the wad (Map01 or ExM1) you can warp there with IDCLEVxx or through the console command that changes the level (if there is one in the engine you use).

If you want to start a game with a certain skill setting you can do it from the command line (or batch, shortcut, whatever), like this (assuming you use Doom2 and want to load Map01):

Doom2 -warp 01 -skill 2
That would start it at skill 2 (Hey, not too rough). You can likewise add the skill parameter to Doom Builder's game startup command line.

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