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Looking for some OG wads

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Hey guys, I'm trying to get every wad made by the level designers/editors of doom/doom2/master levels. I've found a lot by the creators of Master Levels, and a few from other people, but there are some that elude me to no end. If anyone has any of these can they host them somewhere?

Cris Klie


Sverre Kvernmo

Deadlock.wad (for Hexen)

Also, if there are any out there by John Carmack, John Romero, Tom Mustaine, Sandy Petersen, American McGee (Other than idmap01!.wad), Tom Hall or Shawn Green out there (can't find any from any of them), PLEASE tell me. Thanks!

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Yes, extensively. For hours, in the case of deadlock. Every link that comes up is either expired or dead. Any help with this would be appreciated.

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Good day,

You are searching for a number of levels by Christen David Klie and Sverre Kvernmo. I have all of what you seek--device_1, e_inside, the_dmz, the_fury, the_hive, and deadlock. Please PM me with an e-mail address to forward them to.

All the best,

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