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e1m1 'Hanger' thru to e1m8 - speedrunthru

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i just wondered if there's any records anywhere of the best runthru time of doom1 (if that's the right name). I mean the IWAD that's just called 'DOOM', when you're using doom95.exe.

i've made it from e1m1 ('Hanger') thru to e1m8 ('Phobos Anomoly') in under an hour, going via the 'secret' military level - on the UV level. i'm not particularly good at doom and so there must be people who can do far better. Probably on nightmare! anyway, i think i muddled through in 57 mins (UV).

i wonder if there's a hall of fame for times taken?

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Well you may want to check out the UV max episodes, and you may also be interested in nm runs, especially nm secrets as it requires the player to take the secret exit. Compet-n does not require players to take the secret levels for simple speedruns, and also the last level of the episode is not timed, so those tend to be slower.

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Compet-n times are really insane, that won't help you a lot as it relies too much on luck. Try to find some "amateur" demos, they are usually slower and can be done by almost everyone.

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