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(15:22:15) (mid) i'm also done iwth my map, do yoy mind posting it on doomworld ?
(15:22:47) (esselfortium) sure.
(15:22:54) (mid) okay 1 sec
(15:22:57) (esselfortium) :)
(15:23:12) (mid) i don't have any music for it, so if you want you can put in any that you would like, because i don't want the default doom mus playing on my map
(15:23:29) (esselfortium) heh.
(15:23:46) (mid) CAN YA CAN YA PLZ :<
(15:23:57) (mid) because i won't be back until like later tonite
(15:23:57) (esselfortium) if you want, you can pick a specific doom/doom2 song and just specify which one you want in the textfile.
(15:24:04) (mid) i think after the deadline
(15:24:10) (esselfortium) i don't have a big midi collection, i usually just use a doom/doom2 song for my 32in24 maps :p
(15:24:15) (mid) ah ok hm

(15:24:43) (mid) i guess post this log in the uh forum
(15:24:48) (mid) the map's name is Buntaluffigus
(15:24:49) (mid) 8)

(22:56:29) (mid) http://download.yousendit.com/2857EAF80A606AE6 update again on my map :s

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Ichor said:

I think it's 4 AM, since we're still in daylight savings time.

Eh, s'alright. Should be done by 12am GMT. Gives me hour and a half polising time :)

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hey guys, i think i just got in under the deadline if you still need maps.

started with an octagon and this is what i ended up with. i think it'll be fun enough although i wish player numbers had been specified...
idk, i maybe spent 4hrs on this? yeah i'm a slow ass and i've been hungover all day so sue me :P
it's called 'Pretty Poly' and i've included my choice of MIDI in the zip (Pearl Jam - Rear View Mirror). i do have MIDI2MUS here but it's refusing to work and i got nothing from the link that was posted, sorry.

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