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im having issues getting doom64 TC to work

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A long time ago, i asked you for permissions to do a full setup.. the author of that mail was me, really. Was under Jerkteam name, in that moment Jerkteam didn't exist, and now doesn't exist; we never were able to work together. I sent you a mail from jerkteam@hotmail.com, and you told me "you are able to do so, as long as providing all the original readmes and files" or something like that... please download it and check it yourself. Everything is intact.

(Sorry about my english again).

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yomoneyboat said:
Cool, I just thought you were one of those rampant warez spammers that appear oh-so-often here (since you're a new member, I was skeptical).

My first thoughts exactly, so I banned him for about 5 minutes before giving him benefit of the doubt. Good to see this wasn't the case here :)

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|XTerk-RS| said:

Hi, here is a link where you can download a full setup ready to play.

Doom 64 TC with outcast levels:


Thank you so much for posting that link. I've been wanting to play Doom 64 TC for years. I downloaded the files from the official site, but I could never get the game to work and finally gave up. I downloaded the full setup file in your link and it works like a charm. Whoever put it together gets my compliments. It even includes the "Outcast Levels" as a second episode. That makes a total of 46 levels. I'll be playing this bastard for weeks..

For anyone else who may be playing these levels for the first time, here's a link to a web page that has maps, walkthroughs and secrets for each level in case you get stuck:

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