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Sigvatr's Doom Builder ideas

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I come up with ideas for Doom Builder pretty often because I use the program like 3-4 hours a day minimum.

Here's some I can think of right now:

* Randomize texture offset (for X, Y or both at the same time)
Sometimes when I'm making things like stairs, I need to offset the vertical textures on them seemingly at random so that they don't look repetitive, especially when I'm using textures that aren't specifically used for stairs. This process could be sped up a lot if there was a function that could randomly offset them for me.

* Automatical set door close speed
When using ZDoom or Hexen features in a wad, it is possible to set the speed that doors open and close. I like to adjust this each time so that the door closes just as the door open and close sounds finish playing. This varies depending on the height of the door, so it takes a bit of fiddling for it to get to work right. If the program could automatically work out how fast the door needs to close so that it finishes when the sound finishes playing, that would be great.

I'll post more as they come :D

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If some day I will build (rebuild or finish) Doom Builder 2, I can definitely put in such a random texture offset feature.

I don't feel much for the automatical door close speed. For one because it depends a lot on the config (game type/engine) which I try to avoid and also meh :P

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Here's another one.

When I'm using GZDoom features, such as dynamic light sources and other stuff (which is thing type 9800), all the arguments for the thing effects (in this particular case RGB colors and light intensity) are not copied over with the thing if I make a new copy of it. It's z height and thing type carry over, but none of the arguments.

This is frusterating because I loose all the light data if I want to copy a light source. The work around for this is to set all the arguments for several lights at the same time.

I don't know if this is a bug or not, but if the thing effect arguments carried over with the copy, it would save a lot of time.

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Look through your Preferences menu, there is a copy option to copy all attributes when pasted. (Im pretty sure this means it applies to everything)

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