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What is the best program to make a TC for doom 2?This is all I need,

-Map Editor(Of course)
-Graphics Editor(For Textures and sprites)
-Anything else recommended for making a TC

all help is greatly appreciated.

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You'll want Doom Builder (for levels) and XWE (for graphics editing). Remember to start small. Unless you've had any editing experience, it is unlikely you'll be able to be familar enough with the programs to make anything substantial on the first weekend that you start out.

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I'm not really sure you should start off with a TC as your first project... A total conversion wad requires quite a bit of planning as well as a lot of experience. My suggestion would be to start off small, release a couple of maps, get a little more comfortable with the tools of the trade, and get a general idea of what makes a good wad.

You might want to get started with Doom Builder though. That's the program I use. It's pretty simple, just draw the sectors and texture the walls. You can download it here. http://www.doombuilder.com/builder_info.php

You could also give Deepsea a try. I haven't really tried it, but a lot of people seem to like it.

The Doom Wiki also has some fairly good info on Doom editing, as well as some info on the various bugs that you might encounter, and how to fix them

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The best editor question will never be able to be answered so that all are satisfied.

You need to find the best editor for you and your style of mapping. There are fans of every different editor around, mostly because they are used to them.

I use 95% deepsea (mapping and graphics)and 5% xwe (graphics manipulation). Go to the editing utilities page here and get 3 or 4 of them. Read some help files, give em a try. See what fits YOU the best.
Most all of them are somewhat frustrating when you first start out because there is so much to learn.

There are fans of every editor program. Find the one you like.

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