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x part ii

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Note: Well, scince Flynn Taggart is now a Demon, I've decided to make Caleb from Blood II the main character. I think Caleb kicks ass in every way, so I've wanted to use him for a while. Read on.

Part II
As the doomed orbital space station drifted amlessly through the darkness, a small rusted shuttle was drifting towards it, among the asteroids of a doomed planet. The shuttle found the only operational dock on the station, and connected with it. As the hallway unfolded, streams of artificial air flowed into it. The hallway connected to the ship's door with a loud Thunk. The door slided open, and a man walked in. His tattered brown
trench coat slid along the right wall as he walked through the corridor. His red eyes gleamed under the shadow of his western-style hat, tattered and messy like the coat. This figure, known to most as Caleb, parted from the docking bay, and took a good whiff of the rotting flesh and warm blood. He sighed in a grim happyness. For a moment, all was silent. Then, another walked into the hallway. He had a black cloak, the hood covering all but his eyes. The eyes. Gleaming ruby red, just like Calebs. But Calebs eyes expressed an evil that was faded and withered, with a slight tint of goodness deep within them. This individual was a fresh, ripe outburst of pure evil. Like a new and powerfull demon. He (For the moment) remained with a human like appearance. But it was easy to tell he was undead--or worse. His skin was so pale it was practically white, and his face and hands had cuts and scars all over them, with no blood. His hair was brown , and all messy and ungroomed. "Another dark one. You must be with a direct allegiance to satan, with that kind of power." Caleb hissed. He looked straight into Caleb's eyes for the first time. "I used to be one of the few with the skill to stop him. But I failed. After I thought I'd won, I became lazy. An eighth gate was open, and I fell in the first wave. My end was swift, but un-imaginably painfull." He smiled evilly. Suddenly, Both Caleb and the indavidual glanced towards the right end of the hall, where a raging flame swept the whole area. The cloaked stranger took advantage of this, pulled out a standard Glok, and fired.

See you guys soon with Part 3.

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