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Patch not showing up in game

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Hey there,

I recently stuck a new patch into my pwad (it is some railing that goes along stairs and stuff). After chucking it in with XWE and then putting one in my map with Doom Builder, I tried the game out. The texture does not show up at all. It shows up in the Doom Builder 3d editting mode, patch browser, and XWE, but not the game.

For the record, I am using GZDoom.

Any ideas?

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do u have a "pnames" lump in ur pwad? i've had the same problem but i found my pwad didnt have the pnames thing...

what i usually do to get the custom textures i want is to copy doom2.wad (or some other iwad) then when i add new patches it automatically makes them textures and adds them to the pnames lump, then i just export the pnames lump, put it in my pwad, then add the new patch then the texture1 lump from my doom2.wad copy.

there's probably another easier way to do it but it works for me

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To clarify, what Searcher is saying is using XWE, make two new entries TX_START and TX_END. Simply place your texture between these entries.

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Found this. It may be much more helpful to both of us.

Quoting Csabo from this thread:


xwe ... double-click the PATCHES button from the Filter toolbar. This will let you import all your textures (as long as they are in one folder), it creates the PP_START/PP_END entries, adds them to the PNAMES and TEXTURE1 lumps (grabs those from the main WAD if they are not yet present).

I better hang on to this info as well. It is even faster than the old way I was doing it, yet it worked too.

This is the way I used to do it and it was really fast.

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The method you describe is the way to go to be compatible with all ports yes. But Sigvatr was refering specifically to GZDoom. The TX_START , TX_END method would be easiest in his case.

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