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doomsday console commands question

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what are the cheat cmds for doomsday. im used to Zdoom so the doomsday is new to me but i need it for certain add-ons.

like whats the god mode one
infinite ammo
all weaps
map skip

summon/spawn monsters if there is one
summon/spawn friendly monsters if there is one

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All the classic cheats work in Doomsday IIRC.

What do you mean by "jump"? If its Boom style jumping, you just turn it on in either the launcher or the menu. (Not sure about the latter, havent used Doomsday in forever)

Map change is, I think, something like changemap <maplump>, or something.

Unlimited ammo is a DM setting, use the menu to turn this on (not sure if you can do this in SP mode)

Noclip is noclip.

Use Spawnmobj to summon a monster. AFAIK there is no spawn friendly in Doomsday.

For a total listing of all the usable commands, type listcmds in the console.

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is there a weapon speed code? like in Zdoom its sv_fastweapon and you set it from 0 to 2 it increases weapon firing.

and since im using the doom64tc whats the monster ids?

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Dont know about the monster IDs...

Use settics <ticspersecond> (default 35)

AFAIK you cannot set the speed of the weapons alone without increasing the speed of the entire game.

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