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Manhunt 2 uncut version leaked

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[This section has been cut for inappropriate content] this is almost as hot as the Doom 3 or HL2 alpha leaks. Sorry I have no idea what region code it's in. But I do know it's for the PS3 if that helps.


EDIT (myk): Please, no one post any links to this warez item (either direct or indirect), or you'll be banned immediately. Thanks.

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From what I've read it's PAL and it's for the PS2, not PS3, since Manhunt 2 was made for PS2, Wii, and the PSP. I believe you can do some mods so it'll work on an NTSC PS2 as well, but I haven't read anything regarding why it should've been rated AO in the first place. Apparently it's very violent, but nothing more than the first Manhunt, it's just that it has better graphics so the violence is a bit more realistic. I may try to track it down and see for myself what it's like, but regardless I'll end up renting, and probably buying Manhunt 2. The first one was good, and worth a rental or two, but it never really panned out, however the story in this one seems like it'll be alot more interesting than just the "snuff film" that was the first one. Plus creative and brutal violence is just kind of fun, and the gameplay seems to be a really good formula. Plus I like Rockstar, games needs to push the boundaries and force the video game media into the mainstream a bit more. Movies met with a hell of a time for offensive ideas, offensive artworks have always been censored or derided, video games need to grow up as well. The people that really grew up with them are now 20+ years old, and completely capable of handling adult games with real world violence, language, and nudity.

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Now if only I had a modded PS2. I can't get it to work with PCSX2 either. No compatibility support either for obvious reasons as emulator development team doesn't want to get into shit.

Oh well. I can wait.

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