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doom related plan update!!!

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Hehe, I suppose you are already jumping with joy!

Sorry to dissapoint you, but it's not really something THAT big:

Name: Kevin Cloud
Email: kevinc@idsoftware.com
Description: Artist
Last Updated: 11/30/2001 17:45:42 (Central Standard Time)

Wanted to make a quick update on Wolf. I've noticed some online buzz about new mp maps for Wolf. We'll be releasing the multiplayer demo with a new checkpoint only map called Trenchtoast. Trenchtoast will also be posted for use with the full game as well. We're staggering the testing so the singleplayer demo will be released first. Expect the multiplayer demo to be out within the next few weeks.

Just to let everyone know, we will be releasing source for the mod teams. It will take some time to pull this together and currently both teams are working on the demos. This will hopefully be released later in December.

We had issues with fog working properly on the Matrox cards with gl_extension on. Matrox has been great about this and is revising their drivers to better support Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Matrox users should expect a good performance improvement on Wolf single and multiplayer when this is released.

The online comments have been great, but I think the game clock has caused some confusion in several reviews. This is because the game clock isn't accurately reflecting the actual play time. Depending on how often you save, we found the time reported by the game clock to be anywhere from 25% to 50% of the actual play time ( time in your seat ). For future reference it would be more accurate to not rely on the game clock for actual play time statistics.

Finally, we expect the German version of Wolf to be released sooner than mid-December as reported earlier this week. There was a small problem with the manual that required a reprint. On a related note, unlike previous id titles, the localized versions of Wolf are completely translated, including translated dialog, menus and text. This was a large coordinated effort from Activision. They did a great job.

That's it for now. Back to DOOM.

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do they mean wolf as in return to castle WOLFenstein?

[sarcasm]No, they mean the wolf in my pants[/sarcasm]

thanks...i needed a good laugh

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Hmmm....I read something in there about the source being realeased....sounds good to me. I can imagine some of the more infamous modders around here releasing weapons mods and Doom TCs for it (now there's a thought)....hehehehe.....

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[sarcasm]that was very informative,Dima[/sarcasm]
but coz of lack of new DOOM info,so it made you rarely post here recently.nice to see you around here.

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dark-tenshi - yeah well, I rarely post here cause I just ain't got the time with school pressure and stuff...

So I read this .plan update yesterday and noticed the last line in it and I thought "what the heck? let's post!" and that's exactly what I did.

After posting this, I noticed some websites posted this in their news as well (I am talking about the now famous line) so it was nice...

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