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X part III

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Part III


Taggart opened his eyes in shock. Black blood trickled down from his mouth. He clenched his teeth, and let out a howl of pain. He fell back against the wall, and dropped the gun. He clenched his fist, and stared with fierce angry eyes at the grinning Caleb. Within Caleb's hand was a Magnum, pulled out at lightning speed. Smoke rose from the barrel, as blood trickled from Calebs wrist. He clenched his teeth as he smiled, obviously in a lot of pain. Taggart lowered his head. His skin began to bulge. More blood poured out of every opening in his face. It slid down his arms, wettened his cloak. Caleb watched in shock. Taggarts skin burst in an overflowing surge of black liquid and shredded skin. Red energy released from within the mess of body parts. A Blue Demon stood in front of Caleb. He quickly grabbed a second Magnum, and blasted the two silver pistols like machine guns. Taggart leaped aroung like lightning, Being hit by only half of the bullets Caleb fired. Caleb then realized keen vision was the key, not endless barages. He began to dodge Taggarts attacks, and blast a fury of shots. Taggart was still far too fast, but he was not untouched. Caleb screamed as Flynn tore Caleb's arm open. He ignored it, and fired another shot. It tore through Taggarts eye, and into his decaying brain. He screached, and fell to the floor. Caleb took advantage of this moment by reloading. Exactly what Flynn expected. He summer-saulted into the air, and dove for Caleb. Caleb finished his first gun, and fired. Tagart dodged, and released a ball of flame. It exploded against Calebs chest, sending him flying into the wall "Fuck!". Taggart grinned, untill he heard a soft click. Caleb leaped up with his fully loaded duel Magnums, and blew the shit out of Taggart. Suddenly, another wave of flame flew across the hallway. The two warriors watched in terror, as the wall blew open into the vacuum of space.

To be continued!

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