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Stealthy Ivan

Doom 2000...

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Doom 2000... Heh, talk about something that took forever. My friends and I were waiting for this to come out forever but Team TnT took their good old time on this one. :P Then years later... Daedalus. What is your opinion on this wad after all the hype!
Personally I was a Team TnT fan, but after that they seemed to fall off..? Why? I see Ty Halderman still around on here? Whats up Ty? Keep it going, heh, I'll even help, I do not want to see one of my favorite old school teams go away!

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I only played through it once and don't remember much of it...

Basically, I found the environment fascinating enough to keep exploring and progressing, but at times it seemed like a chore to play it. I can see how much effort was put into it, but I wish it was more fun.

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