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Wanna remove unused textures and patches in your wad?

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I had this problem. I had to remove many unused textures and patches from a wad i made because:
1)The author of the resource pack i was using requested it and
2)To reduce the size or the wad file.

Now, removing textures and patches by hand can be a hell, specially with the 900+ patches and 300+ textures i had to remove, so i had to make a perl script to help me in this task

As i've already posted it on other forum, i post the link to the thread here


Thats all. I hope someone find it useful. In my case, was very helpful.

Soon i think i'll make a section for this script on my website, but just now is not worth the effort.

Lets see the feedback here :D

Note: The program is somewhat limited by now, but is still useful.

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Having used large texture resource wads before, this might be quite useful.

Deepsea can actually do this automatically for you too. Go to the F7 menu, and then 'PWAD lump arranging and more', and there should be a 'texture deletion' button. You can either list all the textures and flats not used, or list and then delete them. However, from experience it does tend to crash very often when you try to do this, and even when it works you sometimes have to do a little bit of additional cleaning up afterwards. If someone could make a standalone program to automatically delete unused graphics (or if this functionality was added to another editor), then I think a lot of people would find it really useful.

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Right now, the script is not a tool for beginners.

But I think is not very hard to improve the perl script to save a file without the unneeded resources. Sadly i´m short of time for the next months. Everyone is invited to do improve the script.

I think is not very hard to do. The script right now needs to be more aware ot the animated textures and switch textures, and writing the wad file with the removed resources should not be a problem.

Perl rocks!

Just watch the source code. Is very simple and straight-forward, and just 450 lines with lots of comments..

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