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1408 (film - possible spoilers)

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Seen it?

I took a young lady to see it yesterday and was fairly impressed. I rate Cusack very highly and Samuel L. always brings his own dimension to any movie.

It's what I'd call a weekday movie - i.e. not one you'd reserve for a weekend viewing with anticipation (bourne ultimatum perhaps) but it fills a nice slot.

The Times reviewer said it was nothing more than a staid b-movie but I thought it was a little better - nice double-twist with the beach incident and all.

What did you think?

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I liked it more than I expected to... it's just a story about a guy trapped in a room pitted against ghosts that torture the hell out of him with paranoia and visions of personal demons (no surprise that it came from a Stephen King story) but it stayed entertaining throughout. I suppose it could be argued about whether or not the room is comprised of a legion of ghosts or just one evil entity, but it makes no difference.

I anticipated the first twist though; something just felt off about the whole setup. It was probably becasue it felt too early.

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Hadn't heard of it until now - it looks interesting and I've always liked John Cusack.


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