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Howdy. I was wondering if anyone here has played the game Facade, sorry if this is an old topic. I did a search and didn't find anything pertaining to it.


There's the link where you can get it from. Basically it's a sort of drama game, simple cell shaded graphics, all takes place in one room, with three people.

The real interest come simply from the dialogue, you can talk to the people (albeit in only one line, which made it hard to communicate) and they respond accordingly using their own personalities. The download I believe is about 167meg, however it unzips to over 1 gig due to the amount of spoken dialogue that's compressed in it.

It's not really an amazing game from a traditional standpoint, but the open endedness of the converstion, as well the the sheer amount of dialogue is interesting. Although I found if you say "howdy motherfucker" "sweet tits" and "okay you bastard" within the first two minutes you tend to get kicked out of the apartment and the game ends.

You can walk around in the apartment, pick stuff up, have a gin and tonic, hug and kiss the people, and severly piss them off and take sides. It's an interesting game.

All the conversation is different each time though, and depending on what you do and say there comes a break down in the night where all of it comes out and they accuse you of things. Really normal conversation, but in a video game form it's interesting.

Anyways, just wanted to see if any of you have played it, and what you think of it. I think it's a really interesting experiment, and could possibly open up games in a whole new way, just due to the way the characters respond to what you say, and the way the act towards each other. Too bad it's 1 gigabyte for such a short game, they'll have to figure out a better way to compress audio.

Oh yes, and if you have a relatively common name, Adam, Mike, Jeff, Kathy, etc... although there's quite a few, it's not terribly limited, they'll actually say your name in the game, which helps draw you in. However you can't just type a name in, such as Captain McNasty and have them say it.

/edit: changed the download size to the correct size

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Bloodshedder said:

Ha, haven't tried that yet. I'm not much into typing racial epithet's into games, although I have noticed even if I really piss the guy off at the door I can still go inside when the door is closing and I can continue. They got pissed off at me when I started talking about blowing my brains out, redecorating their walls with my blood, etc... and kicked me out. Fun game, you can piss them off in various ways and watch the response. I'd like it if there was a way you can fight back when they kick you out though.

Huh, just tried it. If you say "nigger" at all the game will end. I'll have to try other racial slurs, because I think that's ridiculous. Even if you say "fuck you bitch" they'll just attempt to laugh it off to a degree. Hmmm... I should try honkey cracker ho.

*edit* Okay, I tried a few more. Rather odd, apparently the only words that will get you instantly kicked out are "negro" and "nigger". I tried wetback, chink, kraut, itai, jerry, kyke, spic, nip, tojo, gook, canuck, zipperhead, porch monkey, gringo, honkey, cracker, frog, beaner, towel head, camel jockey, and sand nigger (oddly enough this won't get you kicked out instantly). I typed sand nigger twice, but they were still just taken aback, so I just left and ended the game. Rather odd how it works. If you type negro or nigger they'll kick you out instantly, however any other racial slur they're just taken aback by. Hmmm... I can't wait to call them zipperheads all night and make them uncomfortable. /smiley face

Still it's a very interesting game if played properly, without just trying to get kicked out. Seeing the way the conversations play out depending on what you type is entertaining, and trying to piss them off just enough so they're mad but don't kick you out is fun.

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Ha! Great screenplay indeed. I've only gotten Trip to admit he cheated once. It's fun to see where it goes really, but it can get kind of overdrawn. I think the longest I went was around 20 minutes in one round. By the way, you have to go to the elevator and hit the button to exit the scene.

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Jello said:

Still it's a very interesting game if played properly

It is? What do you mean by proper anyway? When I tried this out a while back, aside from just messing around I did attempt to play the game "for real". But the problem was that I simply could not understand what the hell the two people were whining about. You're supposed to mediate some kind of crisis or something but I don't believe it.

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By proper I mean actually attempting to mediate the crises, yes. Actually responding in an honest way, and seeing the reactions both people have towards your response. There's many varied endings, and the dialogue is different each time. I think it's a very interesting experiment as to just how each of your actions affects the other characters. I think it's a really positive step towards complete interactivity in games, it's not just one set path or two that the characters will take, everything you do affects the outcome. And then acting in an aloof manner will elicit different responses, taking a side will elicit different responses, what objects, or where you move have an effect on the outcome of the story. I think the broadening of the effects of simple communication displayed in this game could prove very beneficial to video games as a whole.

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Well, it's a step up from The Adventures of Willy Beamish.

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Even if you call him a nigger right at the start, you can still walk right past him into the apartment and the game will continue as it normally would. This game also has quite a few glitches. I've managed to completely freeze Trip and Grace, and walk through the apartment walls causing Trip to follow me through an endless skyline.

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