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Compatibility warning: SpawnGlitter cp will change in next revision

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This is just a warning to editors that the parameters to the SpawnGlitter codepointer, which emulates the function by the same name from Heretic, will be changing as of the next SVN revision. Arguments 3 and 4 will be dropped, and the meaning of argument 2 will be changed so that the z momentum is specified as integers with value in eighths of a unit per tic (ie 1 == 1/8 unit per tic, 4 == 1/2 unit per tic, 8 == 1 unit per tic, etc.)

I really doubt this codepointer has been used by any editors, but if so, you'll need to make account of this. The codepointer was just poorly designed and needed to be reprogrammed.

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