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Looking for a couple of (old) wads.

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I used to have a Demo CD of DooM 1 that also had a whole bunch of various Wads, sounds, addons, etc. And from this CD were two or so wads that I really enjoyed, and since I lost my Demo CD about a year or so ago.

My question at this time? I was wondering if anyone has or know where I can find the following wads.

"DMINATOR.WAD" (Yeah I know it's a rip off of Episode one with added monsters, but it was fun when I played it during my early teenhood.. thing.)

If you know where I could find them, please send a link or something..

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Yakworld!!! Ahh the memories! I might have a copy for you also and some other crazy "joke" wads from back in the day, let me see. :) I know a lot of people pick on the 90's wads since they are basic, but that was the fun, I miss all the old wads. I think this weekend will be deticated to playing/finding some old school stuff! :P

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